This Chesterfield was one of the biggest challenges so far in my upholstery career, it was a personal project and took me over three years to complete, well, you know what they say about trade people, they never quite get round to their own jobs!

Three years ago I stripped the Chesterfield back to the frame, then it took me about a year to get round to putting the inside back in place.

The next time I pulled it out from under my workshop counter I realised I had no idea what fabric I wanted, seeing as I now realised that it could take me another year to complete I thought it best not to carry on with the back as I would need the fabric, and as I come across sooooo many fabrics I knew I would keep changing my mind, so I cracked on with the seat.

The Chesterfield is finally now in residence in my house, in a choice of fabric which surprised me initially, as I was originally thinking of a bold colour, but I think it really suits the piece, a linen colour wool.

The Chesterfield comes with many rules which my children can recite:

– don’t sit on the arms

– don’t eat on it

– don’t put dirty feet on it

– actually, just don’t sit on it, I’ll stick it in a glass box and we’ll just look at it!

The story in photos, though admittedly I forgot to take a few closer to the end of the journey, I didn’t dare stop for fear it would be sat collecting dust for another year.

The stripping:








The rebuild:27